expiration date

expiration date
the last date that a product, as food, should be used before it is considered spoiled or ineffective, usually specified on the label or package.

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expiration date
1. a specific date that signals that something is no longer valid, usable, fresh, or fully functional: »

credit card expiration date; milk sold beyond its expiration date.

2. a time when something is considered obsolete or no longer meaningful: »

political jokes long past their expiration date.

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noun, pl ⋯ dates [count]
1 : the date when something (such as a credit card or driver's license) can no longer legally or officially be used

What is the expiration date on your credit card? [=when does your credit card expire?]

called also (Brit) expiry date
2 : the date when something (such as milk or medicine) can no longer be sold because it may no longer be good or effective

Check the expiration date on the bottle to make sure the medicine is still good.

called also (Brit) expiry date

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expiˈration date [expiration date] noun (NAmE)
(BrE exˈpiry date) the date after which an official document, agreement, etc. is no longer valid, or after which sth should not be used or eaten

Check the expiration date on your passport.

The expiration date on this yogurt was November 20.

See also:expiry date

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